Vivian and a wall.

Vivian Ye

Lead Instructor

Vivian is an incoming freshman at MIT and is currently the Co-President of CCA/PTMS Cyber, where she's coached computer networking and forensics for four years. She is also a CyberClass alumnus herself, having taken the course during her 8th grade summer and citing CyberClass as the initial spark of her interest in cybersecurity. This year, her team placed 9th nationally at the Cyberpatriot semifinals. In addition to computer science, she enjoys tennis and music.

Aiden smiling slightly.

Aiden Shi

Lead Instructor

Aiden is a rising senior at Canyon Crest Academy. He is a member of Les Amateurs, primarily doing web exploitation. His hobbies include designing and developing websites (including this one), playing with obscure programming languages, and spreading his knowledge to others.

Danniell with headphones.

Danniell Xu


Danniell is an incoming freshman at UCLA. He's been involved with CCA/PTMS Cyber for the past three years, where he has served as the head captain of Linux. He has also placed third in HSCTF, the longest-running high school CTF hacking competition. Danniell's hobbies also include chemistry, and he has really good times in Tetris and Minesweeper.

Ellin chilling with wall.

Ellin Qiao


Ellin is a rising senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She has participated in Cyberpatriot since middle school and has achieved impressive results, placing 4th nationally. She is also a winner of the Socal Cyber Cup middle school division, where she secured the 1st position and a prize of $3000. Besides her passion for cybersecurity, Ellin enjoys competitive math, playing the piano, and dancing.

Evan with a painting.

Evan Luo


Evan is a incoming freshman at UC Berkeley. He's been competing in CyberPatriot for the past two years, and is also an active CTF participant, and placed 1st in the Socal Cyber Cup last year. He has previously taught at CCA Math Team's Epsilon program, and also is an instructor for the CyberPatriot club. Outside of cybersecurity, Evan enjoys programming, competitive math, and whales.

Jonathan with castle.

Jonathan Xue


Jonathan is a incoming freshman at UCLA. He's been participating in CCA / PTMS Cyber for two years and taught in CyberClass last year. Jonathan and other instructors have also won 2nd place in AngstromCTF, winning 500 dollars in prizes; besides cybersecurity, he enjoys playing video games, piano, and math.

Owen with a cool background.

Owen Kwan


Owen is a rising senior at Canyon Crest Academy. As a former student of the camp, CyberClass was his first introduction to computer hacking. He is a member of Les Amateurs, where he has won 2nd in CMU's PicoCTF. In his free time, he loves working with low-level languages and tinkers with operating systems and bootloaders.

Maggie at caltech.

Maggie Zhang

Teacher's Assistant

Maggie is a rising senior at Canyon Crest Academy, where she competes in CyberPatriots and develops STEM curriculum. Other than competing in CyberPatriot's Platinum semifinals, she is also an AIME qualifier and two-time Scholastic Gold Key writer. In addition to cybersecurity, Maggie enjoys writing, drawing, and math.

Matthew in his garden.

Matthew Ekaireb

Teacher's Assistant

Matthew is a rising junior at Canyon Crest Academy. His first introduction to cybersecurity was with the CCA CyberClass camp; ever since he has been captivated by the subject. In addition to cybersecurity, he teaches San Diego Math Circle's Turing class, which teaches students about introductory competitive programming and advanced programming skills. Outside of computer science, Matthew loves to surf and listen to music.

Larry with wall background.

Larry Wu

Teacher's Assistant

Larry Wu is a rising senior at Canyon Crest Academy. He loves cybersecurity and math. He's part of Les Amateurs, where he's placed 2nd and 3rd in Angstrom for the past two years, winning $900. Additionally, he's a USAJMO qualifier. In his free time, he loves to play his favorite video games, like Minecraft and other incremental number games.

Laren in a busy place.

Lauren Kan

Teacher's Assistant

Lauren Kan is a rising junior at Canyon Crest Academy. She started CyberPatriot in 8th grade after taking the CyberClass summer camp. In the competition, she does Linux hardening, and has qualified for the Platinum tier with her team. Additionally, she has four years of Java coding experience and teaches two workshops and English to the elderly. Besides cybersecurity, she spends her free time playing classical guitar, badminton, and reading.