During our week-long summer camp, students will be given an immersive introduction to various important aspects of cybersecurity.

Our team consists of the best High School Cybersecurity students, winning national competitions such as Carnegie Mellon's picoCTF and the Air Force Academy's CyberPatriot.


June 24 - June 28th

During our weeklong summer camp, students will be given an immersive introduction to various fascinating aspects of cybersecurity. We will cover a broad range of security concepts including web security, reverse engineering, Linux hardening, and more in an interactive, hands-on environment.

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I really liked that this class was taught by students which makes the class more fun to participate in. My favorite activity was probably the Pirate Ship Mystery. Its something I'm really interested and was very fun!! Highly recommend the class!

Introductory Camp

It was really, fun, educational and was awesome. Definitely recommend it.

Introductory Camp

I just liked learning about the different topics covered in a more in depth manner and also learning about the cool things that can be done due to the incompetency of people making websites and programs.

Advanced Camp

CyberClass introduced me to the world of competitive hacking/cryptology, and taught me the basics in a field that I only had little knowledge in, and gave me an interest in continuing to advance my knowledge in the future.

Introductory Camp

I really liked all the effort you guys put into it and everything you did to help us learn. I enjoyed all the instructors and their styles of teaching, and I appreciate how you have helped push my dream of CS even further!

Advanced Camp

This camp was good for people who want to learn the basics of cysec and teaches them the proper skills and assets to pursue oppurtunities in this certain path.

Advanced Camp

The camp was fun, and I started it knowing nothing about cybersecurity. Spending the time every day to learn taught me a lot, and the instructors explained topics in easily understandable ways.

Introductory Camp

I like the pacing and decently well instructed. The team ctf was fun too. This class allowed me to have a bigger scope on cybersecurity/computer science topics and are quite revelant

Advanced Camp

CyberClass was a really fun summer camp because of the interesting challenges and knowledgable instructors! I learned a lot about cybersecurity and this camp helped pique my interest in the subject as a whole, especially from the fun CTF at the end.

Advanced Camp